E-Shule was created with the ideal and aim of making education easier, safer and more effective for all in the future. To do this, we have created a range of ideas for our system. Each idea was implemented once we know that it could offer exactly what we wanted. The end result is a system which is:

  • Easy to use and deeply flexible. Clients should have no problem putting this product to use in their school or educational environment.
  • Simple to gain access to and start using as it works from a state-of-the-art Web 2.0 platform that looks absolutely spectacular.
  • User-friendly and easy approach makes sure that all clients can enjoy a simple education management program. This is backed up by an incredible reliable and easy to access web-based platform. Not only can it be accessed out of school, it can be used on mobile devices for simple verification and usage on the go.
  • Makes use of easy exporting so that data can be looked at in PDF forma as well as typical general purpose styles such as MS Word and Excel.
  • Information can be imported from old systems, too, saving you lots of time and messing around.
  • Easy to integrate with other security systems like RFID technology and biometric readers.
  • Flexible and easy to use for simpler scheduling and planning. Now the school can make sure that all clients get the information they need, and when they need it.
  • Easy to use the web-based platform that ensures all education groups can make use of our platform. Simple to set up and follow along with even for those with limited or next to no experience in handling a computer.
  • Very easy cost of management meaning that you can concentrate on running the school without the major costs associated. This removes a major element of the issues for having a strong and steady IT regime within the business.
  • Zero data redundancy thanks to the use of a centralized database. Now clients can make use of a far more comfortable existence and make sure that data is kept safe and easy to access for all
  • Makes use of major and key functions that can play a big role in your overall efficiency. From online analysis to make use of finance, payroll and finance collection this can make it easier than ever for a school to manage the backend.
  • When using this system schools can make sure they have the right protection and planning in place to keep vital documentation and information private and safe.
  • Using a single student database will make planning of school administration and management much easier in the years to come.
  • A single employee database also means that everything from payroll to library management can be made much simpler, too.

In essence, E-Shule looks to break down the old barriers that could limit the management of a school. We take away the old logistical challenges and instead make sure that staff and student alike can make education more engaging.