E-Shule is formed with a simple plan to help make education easier for all. We’ve kept this aim and we intend to keep this aim moving forward, giving people access to all the help and information that they could possibly need about us. We work by helping people to store, modify and retrieve all the information that they could possibly need using a simple pulldown menu.

However, this program is made even easier to use by the simple addition of menus for everything from admission and management to promotion and fee preparation. In short, we ensure that you have access to all the information you need to safely and effectively run a school. This should ensure that each module and sub module that we can offer is easy to use and makes sure your business can continue to grow, learn and improve accordingly.

School Management Highlights

Should you and your staff feel like you could perhaps use some more help and assistance in managing your school, then our management program is just what you need. We are implemented across many educational fields at present, and offer each of our clients the opportunity to:

  • Reduce manual effort by having more access to speedy report creation and management. Take away the time it takes to ensure your school has all the information needed ready to go.
  • Stronger and more effective data security in the form of a departmental security system. With high levels of security, we keep all of your information safe from prying eyes.
  • However, the E-Shule program is easy to use as it offers an easy way for co-ordination to take place between each department. Now problems and communication issues can be dealt with in minutes, not hours.
  • Higher levels of transparency will be through the school, too, making it easier for student, parent and school to all have more trust and belief that one another is part of the same system.
  • Students will be able to make use of the system in class, ensuring they know exactly where they are in the line of operation.
  • Operational costs have dropped down massively – now, you can save huge amounts of money on time and effort in general. Your school will be able to be more productive whilst actually spending less than it does today to achieve more!
  • Over time, you will form a large knowledge base within the system. This will then act as an easier education for all future members; by starting today you are building a long-term legacy that the entire foundations of your management and preparation can be carried through.
  • Not only is this program excellent for management, it’s great for marketing. This kind of program sets you apart from other schools and means you can become the #1 choice in the area to be the school for new students.
  • Improve efficiency and overall management assistance by ensuring that your school greatly reduces workload, administration and overall quality of service to make sure the school always puts the student first.